"Transformation" by Sarah Skelton

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Artist: Sarah Skelton

Guitar Specs: 

  • acoustic guitar
  • condition: good, no major flaws

Mediums Used: acrylic on acoustic

Price: $450

About the Artist:

Sarah Skelton creates design artworks using representational patterns and symbols with an abstract focus. Sarah uses drafting tools to draw precise circular shapes in order to create symmetry in her work. Sarah uses various media and technique to create the perception of depth in her work. Sarah includes many different patterns in her work all of different complexity, size, and detail to draw the eye and entrance the imagination. Sarah enjoys working in acrylic paints, pen and ink, markers, and pencil. 

Sarah is heavily influenced by spirituality and psychology, specifically the theories of Carl Jung. Jung postulates that the mandala, a circular shaped symbol, represents the collective unconscious and the archetypes of the human mind. Sarah uses this symbol in the majority of her work.

Sarah has always enjoyed artistic activities and has worked with multiple mediums throughout her life. She was first introduced to art by her mother, who is also an artist.  Sarah studied art throughout high school. She studies psychology in college and received a BA in psychology from Rutgers University. After working for nearly a decade in the mental health field Sarah became ill and was no longer able to work. She turned to art as a way to express her emotions. Sarah began creating jewelry and obtained a certificate in jewelry design from the New York Institute of Art and Design. Sarah then moved with her family to Tennessee, where she became involved in the local art community through the University of Tennessee. She participates in the Guitar as Art, juried exhibition every year during the Soybean Festival. Sarah found her love for painting guitars while completing her first guitar in 2016 and has painted a guitar every year since specifically for that show. 

Sarah is married to Shawn Skelton and has three beautiful children. She continues to paint guitars, create jewelry, and to create meaningful mandalas. Sarah is also writing a children’s book and enjoys writing poetry in her spare time. 


“Transformation” tells the story of a soldier returning home from war. While in the military the soldier must be a machine, following commands with no emotion or uncertainty. They are to forget their human side, turning them into the machine made of gears and wires. When the soldier returns, they must adjust, they must change back into their civilian identity. This is painful as they face the demons created by being a machine. They have to deal with the emotions that have been suppressed. The progress is slow and often lonely. The machine’s gears become old and rusted as nature begins to take over. Beauty begins to grow. Out of the machine grows the wild vines, the flowers, and life returns. The soldier becomes their natural self, the butterfly.