"The Wilderness" by Gabriel Perez

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Artist: Gabriel Perez

Guitar Specs: 

  • Behringer Stratocaster-Style Electric
  • Condition: good, wires need to be soldered, builder guitar

Mediums Used: acrylic paints and clearcoat

Price: $350

About the Artist:

Gabriel Perez is an Artist and Graphic Designer, from Pender, NE. He was born and raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa before he moved north to the small town of Pender in 2008.

He specializes in Painting and has moved his works from canvas to walls. He has painted murals all across the eastern side of Nebraska including Fremont, Wayne, Wisner, Pender, Schuyler, Blair, and (Onawa, IA). As well as creating websites for stfrancisborgia.org, tmpaintingservice.com and cogentarts.online. He also has works in other forms of art rather than just painting, including Drawing, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sculpting, Digital, and Printmaking.

 His inspirations and influences are based on his Chicano heritage and that of graffiti and street art. The styles of bright bold colors mixed with flares of gestural marks are one of the main themes he makes noticeable in many of his projects.  

He spends his time as a student in Studio Arts and Graphic Design at Wayne State College. When he is out of class, he works on art for clients, future commissions and his great endeavors into the art world. Currently he is studying for a major in Studio Arts and Graphic Design, with a minor in Graphic Design, Web and Mobile App Development and Art History.

 Gabriel Perez is a rising artist as he continues to push his limits in the art world and what he can do to make a change for himself and others.