The Python by Al Villacara

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Artist:  Al Villacara

Guitar Specs:

  • Stratocaster-style builder guitar
  • Condition: good, does not come with electronics/hardware

Mediums used: acrylic paints and clearcoat

Price: $400

About the artist: 


Al Villacara is a New York City-based artist specializing in painting (acrylic on wood and canvas) and drawing (black ink on paper).  Al’s visual style is “life filtered through Saturday morning cartoons” and this can be seen via the bright colors and bold lines he employs.  His work has been featured in the ARTCRANK NYC 2014 Bike Poster Show and on the Blues Folk Art Website.  Follow Al on Instagram at @av_art_works

“The Python” – For my second Operation Art Strings guitar I wanted to create a design that covered and flowed over the entire instrument body.  The imagery of a snake weaving its way over the dense jungle leaves really jumps out via lots of bright colors and fine line work.  Creating this artwork was a real labor of love for my fellow veterans that took many hours to complete.  I am incredibly proud to be a part of this wonderful initiative through Guitars For Vets and support their important mission!