"The Jukebox" by Robbyn Nease

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Artist: Robbyn Nease

Guitar Specs:

  • Yamaha G-55A Acoustic Guitar
  • Condition: Good, full body paint job

Mediums used: Acrylic paints and body shop
clear coat

Price: $650

About the Artist: 

I have been drawing pictures since I was a small child. My identity from a very young age has been centered around being an artist. I have a love for many mediums, I find pure excitement in trying something new or tackling a challenge. I have experience with mosaics, stained glass and most recently have been creating relief sculptures from simple scraps of sheetrock. My core is centered around the detail that I find fascinating in the world around me. I was raised in a very rural area in an era with little to do but to entertain ourselves. My choice was to explore nature in its greatest detail. I had such a desire to see nature in all of its close up and intricate beauty. My art is my soul-felt tribute to that beauty. I have an intense desire to celebrate what I see, the intricate patterns of bark and the delicacy of the very center of a flower. I want to revere what I
love about nature by magnifying and enlarging the details with blended colors of pastels or to display the greatest of details by reproducing in black and white with pencil or pen and ink. I feel the need to reproduce what I see, what I love, in a magnified view so that everyone else can see and experience my visual viewpoint.

*This guitar will not ship until after October 23, 2022. Please email tori@guitarsforvets.org with any questions