Sunflower Songs by Deb Ewing

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Artist: Deb Ewing

Guitar Specs:

  • Acoustic Suzuki
  • Condition: damage and cracking to neck, not playable

Mediums used: acrylic paints with clear coat

Price: $300

About the artist: 

I’ve always lived a dual, city-country, life and that reflects in everything I do. I look to nature and where the organic intersects with human intervention, how it remains natural despite our best efforts. I wanted to decorate an acoustic guitar because that instrument is one of my oldest loves. I was raised by old hippies – my uncle John and later musician friends lurking in the basements of Kalamazoo, Michigan. I’m still being raised by old hippies – my friends associated with chapters of Folk Alliance.

 I wanted peaceful, happy motifs on this Suzuki guitar, so I painted a sunflower growing up and overtaking the beautiful natural wood. There’s a hint of blue and tiny birds, like a reflection of the sky. I want the future owner of this guitar to feel joy emanating from it