"Space Bass 2.0" by Abby Williams

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Artist: Abby Williams

Guitar Specs:

  • Electric Bass
  • Can be made playable, wires need to be soldered
  • Full body paint job and neck detailing 

Mediums Used: Acrylic paints, glitter, clear coat

Price: $800

About the Artist:

"I am a self-taught artist with 20 years of experience. My work has always been deeply connected to my identity. I tell stories and develop work that speaks to myself and others. These visions come from the wanders of my soul, exploring lucid dreams, and breaking through depression. I strive to make beautiful what some may find sad or disturbing. I have spent the past three years trying to connect with my work on a deeper level, improving my natural talent to create pieces that are authentic and powerful by achieving the "flow state" a state of consciousness that occurs when you are connected with what you create, and you become one with your art. My style is constantly evolving from other-worldly dream-like experiences to intense and wild visions. Creating is what makes me feel alive. I like to think passion is genuinely felt through my artwork."

*This guitar will not ship until after October 23, 2022. Please email tori@guitarsforvets.org with any questions