"Patterns" by Adria Rose

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Artist: Adria

Guitar Specs:

  • acoustic guitar
  • condition: good, no major flaws

Mediums Used: acrylic paints and clear coat

About the Artist:

Since my childhood, I have had a deep appreciation for
nature which has served as a constant theme throughout my artwork. As I live on a partially wooded lot within walking distance of Lake Michigan, I find daily inspiration which greatly influences my work. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed working in many mediums including watercolor, oil, acrylic, and textile. I grew up in a multi-cultural home and have been surrounded by artwork from many different backgrounds particularly that of a great uncle, a Chilean printmaker. The vibrant
colors, attention to detail and stories behind each painting have had a huge impact in my artwork. Another theme reflected through my artwork deals with diversity. Given the diverse landscape we live in, I see nature as a unifying theme because nature is something that everyone can appreciate and like art can be a unifying force in people's lives. This is especially significant now given the fracturing of our social fabric.
My current focus is mixed media and in particular, I enjoy using up-cycled materials to create fine art. My most recent pieces incorporate many materials including textiles and found objects. By using discarded objects in my artwork, the viewer can join me in re-imagining items that were once considered waste into something one could now consider beautiful.