Neon Mammoths by Madeline Artac

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Artist: Madeline Artac

Guitar Specs:

  • Stratocaster-style builder guitar
  • Condition: good, does not come with hardware and electronics

Mediums used: acrylic paints with clear coat

About the artist: 

Madeline Artac is a self taught artist, born and raised in Wisconsin - now residing in a small mountain town in Colorado. Madeline's approach to art is through customization of clothing, accessories, living spaces, or anything that can hold paint to it. Her belief on customization is that new life can be brought to any item, making it sustainable and more lively. Madeline's style stems from many facets of art, especially pop art, renaissance, graffiti, and new school tattoos. If you are interested in learning more about Madeline or commissioning work from her, you can visit instagram at @themadworld or email her at