Musical Element by Olivia MacDonald

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Artist:  Olivia MacDonald

Guitar Specs:

  • Squier  Telecaster
  • Condition: good, all parts and hardware present, wires need to be soldered for full function

Mediums used: acrylic paints and pen with clear coat

Price: $500

About the artist: 

Olivia is a 23-year-old artist from Boston, Massachusetts. She creates one ink drawing every day on her Instagram @inkbyolivia and now has a collection of over 900 realistic, thought-provoking, and unconventionally-playful pieces. You can also check out prints, shirts, and stickers of her inkwork designs on her website


When collaborating with Guitars for Vets, she decided to experiment with her usual style and transform a Telecaster into a more abstract piece filled with eye-catching drawings, textures, and a limited color palette. To her, music is a way of unpacking the questions of life. It is raw human expression. It unites us no matter our origins or stories. It is the air we breathe. Because of this, "air" is a recurring symbol in her design, painted as a word and described through an original "What am I?" riddle on the front, visualized as a smog cloud of hair on the back, in addition to film negatives of abstract air particles. Olivia's guitar itself is a puzzle like music can often be, which pieces together instrumentals and lyrics, then engineers them to have balance, dimension, and dynamics. She ties this idea in with a maze and crossword puzzle and also reliced it herself to give it an edgier, worn feel. This one-of-a-kind guitar asks us to think about what it means to be an artist in today's world of consumption and how music is a basic, essential element of our beings.