"Dogwood" by Blythe Laing

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 Artist: Blythe Laing

Guitar Specs:

  • Stagg Acoustic
  • Condition: good, crack in slotted nut (see picture for details)

Mediums Used: Oil paints and clear coat varnish

Price: $350

About the Artist:

"Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through the filter of children’s eyes?

Do you stop to wonder what if might be like to hold onto that deep fascination and curiosity? I I have spent my life fighting the urge to just pass by things that interest me without stopping to take them in through the senses. I’m always willing to make the space for smelling flowers and watching shapes form in the clouds above. To see things with inert, childlike inquisitiveness, is to expand the present moment, allowing everything to become captivating and worthy of exploration. In order to be truly present, I must move back through time to that place of innocence. This in turn propels me forward on the path I was always meant to follow, the path of a painter. 

Sobriety lead me back to a paintbrush three years ago at the age of 37. I hadn’t done much creating since adolescence. It was both a way to pass the new, free time as much as a return to my childhood dreams. The world I was searching for through substances, is instead created through oil and alchemy. I create my work through repetitive, studious application of mixed and applied vibrant color, often rooted in nostalgia.  I draw inspiration from the graffiti on the train that passes in front of me all the way back to the old masters I first glimpsed in books. 

 Painting the natural world brings me to a deeper understanding of the universe of which I am such a small, curious part. Sharing with the world my struggles with alcoholism, I intend to shift the narrative of addiction stereotypes and what can be accomplished through sobriety and recovery. The stigma must be broken." - Blythe