Midwest Honey By Mandy Russell

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Artist:  Mandy Russell

Guitar Specs:

  • Yamaha CGX102 Acoustic
  • Not Playable
  • Condition: good, no major flaws

Mediums used: acrylics paints and clear coat

About the artist:

I am Mandy Russell, an artist from Union Grove, WI. I am a graphic designer, printmaker, and painter who enjoys working with mixed media. For this acoustic guitar I chose to work with acrylics on the natural wood base. My work is always based in nature and exploring the natural patterns and shapes you find that are both rigid or free flowing. I have always been connected to the outdoors exploring, hiking, fishing, gardening, and how we as humans are directly connected to this earth in both the physical sense and how it can nourish us and provide. This piece focuses us on one of nature's direct links to help our food grow, the humble honey bee, one of the hardest workers we have. I am so happy to have worked on a piece where the proceeds will go to such a wonderful program that really helps out the veterans who have fought for us and our freedoms. I appreciate it more than they know. 

If you have any further questions or would like more information or photos on this guitar please email Tori at tori@guitarsforvets.org. Serious inquiries only please!