Home of the Free by Joel Kos

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Artist:  Joel Kos

Guitar Specs:

  • ESP LTD M10
  • Playable
  • Comes with Roadrunner Polyfoam Case
  • Condition: good

Mediums used: Airbrush paint and clear coat

Price: $400

About the artist: 

Joel Kos of Belgium, WI designed this guitar at The Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland, WI. "The front of the guitar was designed to embody the spray paint art common found on the streets of major cities, to show the freedom of choice that we all have with unique color and design choices. On the back I took a more serious, yet simple design. I chose to take more of a realist approach by creating 3d hands on the back, to represent all Americans. The hands are reaching out in the shape of a heart to show that we ,as Americans, love and support our vets and thank them for everything mentionable and unmentionable. For everything sacrificed in the name of freedom. For all the days they suffered. Just so we can be here today as we are." -Joel

This guitar along with others were donated to The Lakeshore Technical College from a nearby American Legion post, Melvin Wester Belgium Memorial Post 412 in Belgium, Wisconsin. Brian Toltzmann is a teacher at The Lakeshore Technical College and wanted to use these guitars to help support Guitars for Vets and the Operation Art Strings program while also getting his students involved. We are so happy to have students, colleges, and other community organizations willing to show their support and be involved and to help out our Veterans!