"Hawaiian Waves" by Harry Neumann

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Artist:  Harry Neumann

Guitar Specs:

  • Antoniotsai SG-style guitar
  • Does not come with parts and hardware, builder guitar
  • Condition: good, no major flaws

Mediums used: various stains, spray paint, leather dye, clear coat

Price: $300

About the artist:

Harry Neumann is an artist from Plainfield, CT. Harry has worked on guitars before and wanted to take the opportunity to support our Veterans and the Guitars for Vets programs with his skills.

“My concept was a Hawaiian theme with colors that match or compliment the inlays in the neck and headstock. It was an honor to do this! Thank you so much.” -Harry

Process: Step 1 :sand the entire body and neck , removing clear coat

Step2: tape off the middle section and design strip on side , keeping natural wood intact. Then stain the entire body with jet black leather dye. Apply three coats. Sand off until just dyed wood grain is showing. 

Step 3: Apply turquoise colored leather dye over the entire body. Spot sand revealing blackened wood grain. 

Step 4: Use steel wool to even coats. 

Step 5: Cover entire body with painters tape and draw out design with sharpie. Cut out drawn pieces with exacto knife. Spray paint multiple coats over tape design. 

Step 6: Remove all tape and reveal design

Step 7: Use driftwood colored wood stain and apply 2 coats 

Step 8: Apply multiple layers of clear coat 

Step 9: Buff and smooth out

If you have any further questions or would like more information or photos on this guitar please email Tori at tori@guitarsforvets.org. Serious inquiries only please!