"Harmony of Passion and Healing" by Annabella Camise

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Artist: Annabella Camise

Guitar Specs: 

  • Crestwood acoustic
  • Condition: good, no major flaws


Mediums Used: acrylic paints

Price: $400

About the Artist:

“Annabella Camise is an artist based in Miami, FL. Camise’s paintings are typically various in materials and scales, from a small seashell the size of a fingernail to a three-wall outdoor mural. This impressionistic bonfire scene on an acoustic guitar is playful with light and color with each brushstroke in the water and fire. The symbolic meaning of fire for “passion” and water for “healing” are brought together in harmony to bring to mind the goal of the Guitars for Vets mission, to exercise both actions through music. She would like to honor her twin sister, Angelina, as well, who is currently serving her country as a United States Marine. “