"Stained Glass" by Al Villacara

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Artist: Al Villacara

Guitar Specs:

  • Rogue electric bass
  • No major flaws
  • Can be made playable, wires need to be soldered

Mediums Used: Acrylic paints and clearcoat

Price: $400

About the Artist:

Al has now transformed 3 guitars for Operation Art Strings, his work has helped to sponsor 3 Veterans within the G4V program so far. All of his guitars have featured vibrant colors and bold line work, just as you seen in this piece. Thank you for your continued support, Al!

“I’ve long had the idea of painting a stained glass image and finally did it on this, my third Operation Art Strings project guitar!  This bass started out as solid red but now sports four shades of blue and three shades of red (with a little yellow and black in there, too).  Lots of intersection among these bright colors and hopefully it contributes to a joyous and peaceful design. I am so pleased to continue collaborating with Guitars For Vets as they continue to assist veterans through the gift of music.” - Al