"Ethereal Resonance" by Tori Einhorn

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Artist:  Tori Einhorn

Guitar Specs:

  • Electric guitar
  • Condition: good, headstock has some wear and tear, does not come with electronics/hardware, best as wall art or builder guitar

Mediums used: acrylic paints, pen, and clear coat

Price: $500

About the artist:

Tori is the Director of Operation Art Strings and tries to get her hands on a guitar whenever she is able. This was an experimental piece where she wanted to incorporate the woodgrain and the guitar’s natural beauty. She thought what better way than to incorporate mother nature, by adding floral and vine patterns across the front and a floral centerpiece on the backside. Tori has been working in black and white for the past 5 years, almost always incorporating eyes and unusual patterns.

 "I love working in black in white, creating strong contrast and having fun with linework all while creating funky characters. It is always fun to see what steals the show, the line work or the illustrations."