"Breaking Free" by Adriane Moxley-Hochberg

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Artist: Adriane Moxley-Hochberg

Guitar Specs:

  • Hollowed out acoustic guitar
  • Sculptural piece

Mediums Used: mixed media

About the Artist: 

I am a St. Louis based artist who can often be found breathing new life into old, discarded instruments. I work for a violin shop in town and often imagine all the little worlds that could inhabit each of those instruments. Think of the endless possibilities! I’m a sculptor, painter, and illustrator and some of my work can be found on Instagram @Adriane_Moxley. I love what Operation Art Strings and Guitars for Vets are doing for our veterans and I’m so grateful that I was able to work with them!

 I see music as a way of breaking free from the constraints of everyday life, from the cage that we are sometimes trapped within. Sometimes life breaks us into pieces, like a plate hitting the floor. Music can help heal us and put us back together into something beautiful, just like the mosaic birds in this piece. Music is a light in the darkness, an escape, and I think everyone can relate to that in some way.