"Blue and Black Birds" by Deb Ewing

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Artist: Deb Ewing

Guitar Specs:

  • Check Master Acoustic
  • Well used guitar restrung after artwork 

Mediums Used: acrylic paint and clear coat varnish

About the Artist:

Artist deb Ewing is a poet-philosopher, songwriter, and ruiner of peace for the greater good. She thinks rocks are a tangible piece of space and time and gets a kick out of parenthetical titles. Blue (and Blackbirds) is the second project she’s created for Operation Art Strings.

Blue (and Blackbirds) was painted with brushes and acrylic paint, covered with glossy acrylic varnish. The written message is meant to be textural – but here it is:

The birds on my grave know better than to mourn they understand seasons-the weight of unneeded things binding wings-preventing flight They gather solemnly for a funeral-place stone & stick purposefully upon fresh ground returned before painting the sky a murmuration of goodbye

The face and words are donated by Dr Leslie D Almberg (she wasn’t using either.) Leslie’s moonlighted as a jazz singer/saxophonist and volcanologist in obscure corners of the Earth between gigs teaching the next generation about the whole planet. She currently scribbles her way through Australian forests writing science-flavoured poetry and letters to the trees, advocating for climate change mitigation. She’s the Lorax.

See, hear, and feel more at: https://www.debnation.com/. Follow @debsvalidation on Twitter and Instagram.