"American Glam" by Peter Walsh

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Artist:  Peter Walsh

Guitar Specs:

  • Stratocaster-style, Electric guitar
  • Condition: good, wires need to be soldered to be made playable

Mediums used: airbrush, glitter, and clear coat

Price: $650

About the artist:

Peter is an artist out of Buffalo, NY. He is owner of PW Custom Art and transforms many objects into works of art, creating an assortment of custom paint jobs. His favorite subjects to paint are dogs, beyond that Peter has worked on guitars, motorcycles, and everything in between. While transforming this guitar for Operation Art Strings and Guitars for Vets, he wanted to create a guitar that not only makes you want to rock n roll but also honors our Veterans and all who have sacrificed for our freedom and our country. This guitar was originally a discarded Stratocaster-style guitar that found itself waiting to be repurposed in the Operation Art Strings program. Peter transformed this guitar into an American flag with glitter inlay, a classic flare to many of his works. He then sourced silver knobs and parts to compliment the overall design and color palette, creating the ultimate “American Glam” instrument.


*This guitar will not ship until after October 23, 2022. Please email tori@guitarsforvets.org with any questions