"American Abstract" by Tosha Connin

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Artist: Tosha Connin

Guitar Specs:

  • Small Acoustic
  • Condition: good, no major flaws

Mediums Used: acrylic paint pour

Price: $350

About the Artist:

"My name is Tosha Connin, the owner of Lilium Home Emporium, I have been an artist for 30 years now. This is my first guitar for G4V, it was painted with an acrylic abstract paint pour technique, a new art fad that's blowing up in the world. I have played with a lot of different mediums over time. The most fun is acrylic paint pouring. I have started a small business online using this technique on many different surfaces. Its endless.

This guitar was a lot of fun and one of the most unique surfaces so far. Knowing it's for an amazing cause makes it that much better! I decided to make an abstract American flag with something a little more unique on the back."