"Alien Invasion" by Tori Einhorn

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Artist:  Tori Einhorn

Guitar Specs:

  • Yamaha RGX 110 Electric
  • Condition: good, does not come with all hardware/electronics

Mediums used: Ink pens and clear coat

Price: $750

About the artist:

Tori is the Director of Operation Art Strings and tries to get her hands on a guitar whenever she is able. "I love working in black in white, creating strong contrast and having fun with linework all while creating funky characters. It is always fun to see what steals the show, the line work or the illustrations. I hope this piece brings some fun into someone's life!"

This was the first guitar added to the Operation Art Strings Collection in November 2020. This was my first guitar and probably the most challenging canvas at the time, now I love getting to work on the guitars whenever I am able and figure out designs and patterns to take over the guitar body’s shape.

*This guitar will not ship until after October 23, 2022. Please email tori@guitarsforvets.org with any questions