"The Mandala" by Pam Bennett

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Artist: Pam Bennett

Guitar Specs:

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Strung and ready to play
  • Condition: good, needs tuning peg replaced, older guitar

Medium Used: paints and clear coat 

Price: $350

About the Artist:

“I began painting dot Mandalas about 3 years ago after seeing a photograph of beautiful, smooth, perfectly round stone that had a Mandala painted on it. I was in love. I started painting on flat local river stones for practice. Turns out getting that symmetry on a rock is harder than it looks! 

I eventually tried painting them on old record albums which already provided the perfect center to start from and a circular shape. The challenge with them proved to be the grooves but I found the key there was to use excessive paint and wiggle the tool upon depositing the paint. I scoured local thrift stores for old 78’s and have painted and sold many of them. 

I now look to thrift stores for anything the right size, shape and surface to paint….old, framed pictures I can take apart, wooden plaques, bamboo bowls…..Upcycle into art! It’s both cost effective and therapeutic!

I have been wanting to attempt my designs on an acoustic guitar for myself and when the opportunity to paint one for Guitars4Vets came along I jumped on it! I am pleased with the results. I am now on the hunt for that used, unloved thrift store guitar for myself!  

There are many types of Mandalas, and I am often asked what Mandala means. The description I like to use is this: 

 “The word Mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning "circle." Mandalas have a concentric structure, meaning they are constructed from the center outward. They offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity, harmony and universal order. Its design is visually appealing, absorbs the mind, quiets chattering thoughts, and allows a more philosophic or spiritual essence to envelop the observer, which in turn leads to higher consciousness or awareness. In short, a Mandala can be seen as a hypnotic, letting the creative hemisphere of our mind run a little freer while our analytical mind takes a little nap.”

I hope my art brings you joy and peacefulness. 

-Pamela Bennett’s Upcycled Art

Facebook: Pam Bennett, Verona Virginia