Zen by Melanie McRae

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Artist:  Melanie McRae

Guitar Specs:

  • Yamaha  CGX102 Acoustic
  • Not Playable
  • Condition: good

Mediums used: Variety of paints, clear coat, and battery operated lights (inside lights up with use of remote)

Price: $250

About the artist:

A native to New England, I enlisted in the Army in 2003, honorably discharged in 2009; and now call Florida my home. Some say I have always been artistic however, it wasn’t until the pandemic that I took interest in the dot/mandala art form. I was honored with the opportunity to share my skills with this program. As a Veteran that struggles with her mental health, I cannot stress enough how important it is to find your zen place. Whether it’s with music or art or anything that can bring you peace. Veteran suicide is very real to me, and I was inspired by my battle buddies Steven Hays and Chris Perez (Crispy is what we called him) who have lost their battle with their inner demons.

This guitar was also inspired  by a Zen Garden, hence the koi fish & lily pads. The koi are positioned in a yin & yang symbol to reiterate the message of you can’t have the good without the bad, or light without the dark. The dragonflies, in a few cultures, are a sign from our loved ones that they are still with us. I placed wooden lotus flowers in the sound hole to show that beautiful things can grow from darkness, it just takes time for that seed to bloom and reach the sun. The neck of the guitar is done in the colors of the sunrise, to remind you that there is always a new day coming.

Lastly, there are textured waves and water to represent that life is ever changing just like the tides. Sometimes it can be rough, but other times can be beautiful and calm like a koi pond. Sometimes you just have to hold on and ride out the storm to get to your Zen garden.

I couldn’t have asked for a better journey to be on in my life. It was truly an honor and a humbling experience to create this piece for these organizations that I hold dear to my heart. Much love and good vibes! And remember to find your Zen!


If you have any further questions or would like more information or photos on this guitar please email Tori at tori@guitarsforvets.org. Serious inquiries only please!