"Steampunk Vibes" by Glen Larson

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Artist: Glen Larson

Guitar Specs:

  • Leetar, Classical acoustic
  • No major flaws 
  • Condition: Fair, playable

Mediums used: Pyrography, stain, spray paint, screws/washers, coated with polyurethane.

About the Artist:
I'm a curator at the Anderson Arts Center in Kenosha WI. My main passion in the art world is primarily photography, but I sometimes divert my artistic energies into giving items a steampunk aesthetic. I’ve redone an old G3 iMac, a bicycle and a windowpane donated to raise money for the Creative Art Space in downtown Kenosha, and a Nerf gun, all in a steampunk style. Since completion of this guitar, I’ve come into possession of 2 more guitars, and am already having fun and looking forward to trying to think up new ideas for transformation.