"Steampunk Serenade" by Pam Holland

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Artist: Pam Holland

Guitar Specs: 

  • Wall-hanging piece, wire hook on back
  • Epiphone body transformed into sculpture

Mediums Used: metal elements, instrument fragments, wood stain

About the Artist: 

Steampunk Serenade ~ created by Pam Holland (with contributions from a few friends).

Across the top of this piece are draw knobs and brass reeds from an antique pump organ. The inside walls of the guitar are covered in vintage pattern wallpaper with brass clock gears and chimes, courtesy of Gary Katz, Tehachapi CA. Cornet pieces and violin headstock, contributed by Edward Hammond, Tehachapi CA. There is also a clarinet and flute displayed. And the brass name plate that pulls it all together was provided by Tim Reynolds, Tehachapi CA.