"Star Spangled" by Olivia Peach

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Artist: Olivia Peach

Guitar Specs:

  • Does not come with any hardware/electronics
  • Slight separation between fretboard and neck at top
    • please email tori@guitarsforvets.org for more info

Mediums Used: Acrylic Paints and clear coat

Price: $350

About the Artist:

"Olivia Peach (b. 1980 Atlanta, GA) is a versatile artist with a variety of styles that emphasize her training in Illustration and Fine Art. Olivia’s work is inspired by music and lyrical compositions, nature, the cosmos, light and dark dynamics and her individual spiritual journey. Her chosen mediums are acrylic on canvas, acrylic ink on watercolor paper, and the simplicity of pencil on paper. Olivia’s work involves thoughtful, illustrious depictions of songs, stories and ideas with pointed visual imagery through drawn and painted line work. She can seamlessly pivot from photorealistic paintings, to surrealism, to abstract work that combines loose brushwork and light sources, to figurative, illustrative line work.

She began her career as an artist over twenty years ago, when she completed her BFA at The School of Visual Arts in New York City (2005). During her time living and working in New York, Olivia mastered a variety of mediums, including pastels, oils, acrylics, and mixed media. Olivia has an expansive portfolio of art pieces that are fluid and technically driven. She uses bold colors in broad brush strokes through loose color transitions and carefully painted light orbs that dance and trickle around her canvas of color. Olivia enjoys intermingling a love of intricate color studies inspired by nature, trees, the sky and beyond.

Within her different bodies of art, one will see the common connection in her range of methodologies.

Olivia has purposely chosen not to limit herself creatively, continuing to practice in a range of styles that allow her to express her many ideas. Each body of art has a different feeling, and therefore needs a different style. Each body of work is consistent and yet uniquely connected to the other."

Olivia Peach currently lives and works in Roswell Georgia.