Set Sail by Erik Edmonds

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Artist:  Erik Edmonds

Guitar Specs:

  • Yamaha FG800 Acoustic
  • Condition: good, small gash on bottom backside

Mediums used: Engraving

About the artist: 

Erik Edmonds is from Jamestown KY, near the lake. “I am a finish carpenter by trade and now work restoring vintage wooden pleasure boats. I like to create art of all types, but my interest in guitars and music goes hand in hand with the romantic, wandering feeling of the sea; I convey my interest in ships and things of that nature a lot in my work. This project was great for me, as I combined the two in a scrimshaw-style engraving that portrayed both of my passions in a simple but enduring piece of I'm very proud of and grateful for the opportunity to give back to our veterans with the powerful gift of music.”