Rob Halford by Francis Ruiz

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Artist: Francis Ruiz

Guitar Specs: 

  • Acoustic Yamaha APX 600
  • Not Playable
  • Condition: good

Mediums Used: Acrylic paints, studs, leather-like materials

Price: $200

About the Artist: 

This guitar was designed and donated by artist Francis Ruiz for the 21 Guitar Salute event. Francis is the drummer of the band, Buckcherry. He created this guitar as a tribute to Rob Halford, the lead singer of Judas Priest. Francis wanted to show his support for Guitars for Vets through his artistic talents with this guitar while also recognizing his true passion in music. Seeing the arts come together for such a great cause really inspired him to be involved with the Operation Art Strings program. He was honored to do something to help out our Veterans.