"Diamond Head" by Camara Goodrich

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Artist: Camara Goodrich

Guitar Specs: 

  • Fender Acoustic
  • Broken/missing headstock
  • Artwork, not payable

Mediums Used: Mixed media

About the Artist:

I describe myself as a multidisciplinary, visual artist. I do not discriminate when it comes to mediums I use, in order to portray my image of thoughts and imagination.  Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I am inspired to use my emotions through my art, as a therapeutic resource. By doing so, I open my creativity to combine with an eclectic array of influences. The majority of my works are related to and inspired by world events, music, nature, travel, space exploration and science. The diversity of the work I create, is considered my specialty. Not only being able to freely express my thoughts and feelings, but to share them with the viewer as well! my hope is that my work is not only enjoyable to view but also a thought provoking experience.