Florals and Checkers by Tori Einhorn

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Artist: Tori Einhorn

Guitar Specs:

  • Stratocaster-style parts guitar
  • Does not come with electronics or hardware, but ready to be made playable
  • Condition: good, no major flaws

  • Comes with matching checkerboard strap

Medium used: acrylic paints and clear coat

Price: $350 

About the artist:

Tori is the Director of Operation Art Strings and when she can, she loves to get her hands on a guitar and transform it into something totally different. This was originally a roughed up, black guitar body laying around but she decided to sand it down, invert the body color and paint it white. Tori works strictly in black and white and rarely ventures far into the color world. She enjoys the harsh contrast of black and white work. She used her personal aesthetic preferences of simplistic flowers, checkerboard patterns, and line work to create this design. 

If you have any further questions or would like more information or photos on this guitar please email Tori at tori@guitarsforvets.org. Serious inquiries only please!