"5 Branch Machine" by Jody Velletta

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Artist: Jody Velletta

Guitar Specs:

  • Epiphone Acoustic
  • Good, bent bridge, best if used as wall art but great guitar to strum for fun

Mediums Used: Moderns Masters metallic paints, copper tube with brass fittings, spray paints, water-based clear coat, plastic gears

-Used sponge, paint brushes, and masking tape

Price: $600

Artist Statement:

With four generations of military members in the family (Navy, Air Force, and Marines) it was easy to be inspired to create this guitar. I have been painting custom pieces and faux finishes for over 30 years in the western New York area, coming up with an idea is the hardest part but the execution is a lot easier! I am a singer for a Hard Rock band, but I play guitar while writing songs, so I always appreciate seeing a custom painted guitar. 

On a related note, my band Do Driver has a song called "It Feels Good to be Home" which was inspired by soldiers feeling lost once they come home.